Reader Cory, asked where the best place to host the 21st in Phoenix is. And there are a number of dirrent places to do this as it turns out. It all comes down to your personal tastes.

Do you want to go to a place that packed or somewhere you and your friends can basically run the bar because you are the only people there?

A lot of people will bar hop on Mill Ave, if that's what you're into.

Here are some places for you to got for a 21st.

  • Monkey Pants: Mill and Southern. This bar has a decent beer selection and a lot of liquor. It's never too packed and you can really get wild. They also do a "shirtless shot" at midnight which is free if you take your shirt off. Good place to get shitfaced and not worry about pissing off other patrons. I've been to a lot of 21st here and always had a blast.
  • Casey Moores: Casey's gets packed but its got a really cool "hipster" vibe. Great food, great staff, great selection. The patio is dope if you're a smoker.
  • Four Peaks: If you love beer and want an "understated" (not shitfaced puking) b-day Four Peaks has awesome beer brewed on site. They also give you a free beer on your b-day.
  • Long Wongs Tempe: This place is dingy as hell and filled with locals but you can get insane at Wongs. Cheap, cheap drinks, live music, it's also right by Tempe Tavern which is another good dive.

Just be with good friends and the place doesn't matter. Use your money for cab fair! Mill Avenue, or Old Town or even Phoenix all have several bars you can walk between, so those would be good options. Phoenix and Mill have Light Rail availability too.